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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Doorknob by Chrystal

One of my first loves was Photography. I wanted to major in Photography in college but the college that I got a scholarship from didn't offer it as a Major. However, they did have classes so I took 2 semesters of black and white photography. Got to learn composition as well as developing in the darkroom (that part was FUN!!!). I kind of got away from photography after getting married and moving away and all that stuff that happens when you are young and trying to start a family. Zoom ahead 20 years.... I met a wonderful lady at work who is artsy like me and found out that not only does she make cards but she bakes some fantastic cakes and is an amazing photographer! Heather and I have become great friends and we joined a local photography group that meets monthly for photo shoots. Heather didn't get to go to the last one but Kristina and I did and here are a few of our photos.... Kristina's are edited using an online photo editing site (Picnik). She's gotten a lot of great comments...

Barn wall in Sepia by Chrystal

Barn by Kristina
by Kristina

Barn Askew by Kristina

We found out that this group of buildings was built in June 1915. The date is etched on one of the walls and one of the other photographers found it. This place was very interesting and we had a great time walking around taking pictures.


Kerry said...

Wow - that has always been a dream of mine - black and white photography! I love the Barn-Sepia. All are wonderful pictures. Good luck to you and looking forward to seeing more!

Tammy D said...

What awesome pictures! So cool.

WendyP said...

fantastic photos !! look forward to seeing more of them

Elaine A said...

great photos. keep them coming.

AngieHallHaviland said...

WOW...these photos are FABULOUS!!!! You and Kristina did a WONDERFUL job with these!